Leather Glow: Motorcycle Leather Cleaner Conditioner


Leather Glow: Motorcycle Leather Cleaner Conditioner


Black Sunshine Leather Glow motorcycle leather cleaner and conditioner cleans and protects leather seats, and saddle bags against hardening and cracking using fast reacting micro technology.

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Cleans Plus Protects Leather Seats and Saddle Bags Against Hardening and Cracking Using Fast Reacting Micro Technology Repels Moisture and Blocks UV Rays.

Black Sunshine Leather Glow is a lightly leather scented formula that preserves the strength and appearance of new and used leather motorcycle seats and saddle bag. Contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives that can damage fine leather. Provides moisture and UV protection that prevents sun damage, fading and signs of leather aging. Add new life and durability to older neglected leather leaving a non-greasy glowing finish. Also excellent for use on vinyl. Not for use on suede leather.

Application Directions: Shake Well Before Using. Pour a small amount of Leather Glow onto a clean terry cloth or microfiber cloth. Work into the leather or vinyl in a circular motion in a small area at a time for the best penetration and luxurious finish. Wipe off any excess with a clean cloth. Apply an additional application to older or neglected leather or vinyl. Regular use protects against dirt build up, UV rays and damaging moisture or liquid spills. Use on smooth leather and vinyl only. Keep from Freezing.

Size: 4oz


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