Ride Shine: Motorcycle Polish Scratch Remover


Ride Shine: Motorcycle Polish Scratch Remover


Black Sunshine Ride Shine cleans, removes light scratches, polishes, and seals motorcycle paint in one easy application using fast reacting micro technology.

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Using Fast Reacting Micro Technology Motorcycle Paint in One Easy Application Cleans, Removes Light Scratches, Polishes and Seals

Black Sunshine Ride Shine is a safe and easy to use all in one motorcycle paint cleaner, scratch remover, polish and sealer that penetrates into the paint pore structure leaving a crystal clear protective shine. The enhanced finish protects the paint against any future surface scratches, scuffs and moisture stains that can build up on your bike paint surface over time dulling the appearance. Ride Shine has specially formulated molecules that will invisibly bond to the paint surface and into the pores over a period of 1 to 2 hours as it is oxygen activated.

Application Direction: Shake Well Before Using. Make sure that the paint or clear coat surface on your bike is clean and free of dirt and grease before applying. Apply a small amount of Ride Shine at a time to a clean terry cloth or microfiber cloth and buff in a circular motion covering approximately 4” or 5” of paint surface area at a time. When you have buffed the complete paint surface area and Ride Shine comes to a white haze (about 1 to 2 minutes) buff the paint surface with a clean soft cloth to a brilliant shine. For heavily dulled or oxidized paint surfaces with paint swirls, repeat the application process again to fill in those light scratches and increase the luster to the paint surface. Apply to the tank and fenders at different time intervals. Keep from Freezing.

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